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Racesafe RaceMotion 2 Jockey Vest


The RaceMotion 2.0, offers Level 2 safety at market leading weight & comfort levels.

Ultra-light design, 20% lighter than previous models

Latest European & Beta 2018, level 2 protection

Enhanced flexibility, increased segmentation, MotionGuard technology

Targeted comfort, new multi-foam construction

Advanced breathability improved aerated textiles.


Racesafe’ s latest body protector, the RaceMotion 2 Jockey Vest offers Level 2 safety at market leading weight & comfort levels.

INTRODUCING MOTIONGUARD Experience unparalleled freedom of movement and exceptional comfort with our MotionGuard technology. This innovative protection system features over 100 individually hinged segments and multi-foam construction, providing riders with unmatched flexibility and performance. TRUE SEGMENTED FLEXIBILITY Individually hinged segments offer unparalleled adaptability and range of motion compared to grooved designs. Each segment works independently, ensuring a precise fit and seamless movement for riders of all levels. MULTI-FOAM TECH & ENHANCED BREATHABILITY This next-gen body protector incorporates protective multi-foam tech across different areas and layers. Intelligently adapting to the unique needs of each body zone, providing targeted flexibility and comfort, without compromising protection. The advanced breathability offered by our aerated textiles ensures a cooler and more comfortable riding experience, even in challenging conditions. PROUDLY MADE IN THE UK At Racesafe

Designed to meet the rigorous weight demands of race riding, whilst offering Jockeys an increased level of protection

Improved Size Range: extended & improved size range offers a perfect fit for all riders.

Regular & Race Tail back options for each size

Elasticated Self-Adjustment: new elasticated adjustment system for improved levels of movement & comfort.

Sizing (cm)

Size Guide                                          Chest  Over shoulder  Length (Race)

Small Flat                                              73-81          67-75          49

Small Flat Tall                                      73-81          76-85          51.5

Flat                                                         80-88          67-75          51

Flat Tall                                                 80-88          76-85          53.5

Small National Hunt                          80-88          76-85          54.5

Small National Hunt Tall                  80-88          86-96          57

National Hunt                                     85-94          76-85          54.5

National Hunt Tall                             85-94          86-96          57

Point to Point                                      91-100         76-85          54.5

Point to Point Tall                              91-100         86-96          57

Point to Point Plus                             97-108         76-85          55.5

Point to Point Plus Tall                       97-108         86-96          58

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Additional information

Weight 1.1000 kg

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